[faq_section] [faq category=”Why Apply to Consolidate?”] [faq_title]Why should I apply to consolidate my federal student loans?[/faq_title] It is typically much easier to repay student loans once consolidation has taken place. Therefore, it is an important option to consider for those who are attempting to reduce their monthly financial obligations. [/faq] [faq category=”What’s involved in the process?”] [faq_title]What is involved in the consolidation process?[/faq_title] Separate federal loans—if an application is accepted—are consolidated into one loan, which means one monthly payment as opposed to making several payments each month.[/faq] [faq category=”Will it lower my payments?”] [faq_title]Will consolidation reduce my monthly payment?[/faq_title] Many students find that loan consolidation reduces their monthly payment. Our representatives will be able to determine your exact options [/faq] [faq category=”What if I miss a payment?”] [faq_title]What if I miss a payment?[/faq_title] Even when federal loans are consolidated they still must be paid on time. However, if you find that you cannot make a given payment on time it is best to consult a representative. [/faq] [faq category=”How long will it take?”] [faq_title]Does this process take a long time?[/faq_title] It is best to choose a company that can work quickly in order to get you the greatest amount of financial relief as quickly as possible. Our representatives can help you process your application quickly and efficiently. [/faq] [faq category=”What company do I choose?”] [faq_title]How do I know which company to choose?[/faq_title] You should choose a company that you feel confident dealing with. American Student Loan Center is “A-” rated with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and offers a personalized experience. [/faq] [faq category=”Will this touch my credit?”] [faq_title]How will consolidation affect my credit?[/faq_title] Loan consolidation is unlikely to have an adverse impact on your credit rating. In fact, it can have a positive reflection on your credit rating because fewer loans will be open in your name. In addition, the fact that you can often achieve a lower monthly payment means that your income to debt ratio will improve. This may also have a positive impact on your credit rating. [/faq] [faq category=”When is the best time to apply to consolidate?”] [faq_title]When is the best time to apply to consolidate my federal student loans?[/faq_title] It is best to finish your education before consolidating student loans. Therefore, if you are planning on going back to college it is best to wait until you have graduated before you consider consolidating your loans. [/faq] [faq category=”Additional Questions?”] [faq_title]What if I have additional questions?[/faq_title] If you have additional questions that have not been answered in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us and allow one of our representatives to help you answer all of your questions today. [/faq] [/faq_section]

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